Every nano second of every day…

Spread number 11 the penultimate, how to finish?

Like this?

Don’t forget, as if you could, that the books are available to buy right here. All proceeds will go to this very worthy charity. Longfield have copies of the books in their shops in Stroud and Cheltenham where we ask a mere £5-00, but feel free to donate more if you can.

The books are small but very beautiful and are dedicated to all those grandparents missing their grandchildren like we have in this period of lockdown. Let’s hope we can all see our little family friends again very soon.

I hope you have enjoyed this book, there’s another one coming very soon of a different nature, but with the same intent, which is to raise a funds for people who help the folks at the other end of life from my target audience here.

Love you more than…

A book to be read to small children by immature adults illustrating exactly how much you love them.This small book is 120 x 120mm and 28 pages including the cover and is in full colour throughout, you can buy the book from here or direct from Longfield shops in Cheltenham and Stroud. If bought from here I will send copies to you via mail. Limited edition, only 100 copies printed. Get yours now. Feel free to pay more, it all goes to Longfield.


My next sequence of posts will be about the other book I did over lockdown which one might call ‘allotment based’ monster horror genre. Look out for it.

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