Monsters on the Plot…

This is the cover of my other lockdown book, and is dedicated to fellow plotters. I’d like to say that this cover image shows my own plot but I don’t have the luxury of the shed. It’s a children’s book and as with my other one the proceeds of the sale of the books go to charity. Longfield looks after people at the other end of life and is a local charity to me here in Gloucestershire. They have shops in Cheltenham and Stroud where you can buy copies of the books. They are quite small, the size of a cd, and are designed to be read to young children. In the shops they are a fiver or you can buy them direct from me right here as long as you are with PayPal. On-line they are £6-50, to cover the faff I’ll have with posting them. I’ll send on your payment to Longfield.

There are only be 100 copies of the books printed, so they are a strictly limited edition.

I will be publishing the spreads over the next few editions of this blog, for you to see the whole thing in all it’s glory. I hope you enjoy ” The Monsters on the Plot”

The Monsters on the Plot

A small book for small children about what happens on a grandad's allotment or plot and exactly what kind of monsters lurk within. Intended to be read to small children this book is 120x120mm and is 28 pages including the cover, all in full colour with illustrations throughout.All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Longfield who do great work caring for people at the other end of life to the readers of this book. Buy it here and you'll be helping them too.


I hope you will help me support this very worthy cause.

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