Monsters in the dark, or are they?

The Monsters on the Plot

An allotment based tale of bugs and monsters on the plot to be read to young children. Fully illustrated throughout in full colour this small book is 28 pages including the cover. All proceeds will be going to Longfield a charity that looks after people at the other end of life to the target audience. Available in their shops for £5-00 and from here for £6-50 to cover postage and packing. Feel free to pay more knowing you'll be supporting a very worthy cause.


This drawing was inspired in art by Gloucester Park. We used to live very close by the park and it was full of wildlife, not just the normal wildlife that feeds on nuts and scraps, but also the wildlife that wandered down from Eastgate Street on a Saturday night and fed mostly on kebabs and chips. The council, in their infinite wisdom, decided that lighting would be a good idea, to perhaps deter some of the more extreme wild life. When they had finished it looked more like the landing area of an international airport and night did indeed become day. I had the impression that the local owls got very cheesed off, hence this drawing and page. Did it make a difference? Possibly. With the lighting the wildlife could at least see what it was getting up to, that alone might have put them off.

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