Monster pigeon, flying low…

The Monsters on the Plot

An allotment based tale of bugs and monsters on the plot to be read to young children. Fully illustrated throughout in full colour this small book is 28 pages including the cover. All proceeds will be going to Longfield a charity that looks after people at the other end of life to the target audience. Available in their shops for £5-00 and from here for £6-50 to cover postage and packing. Feel free to pay more knowing you'll be supporting a very worthy cause.


This spread inspired by the huge pigeons that are barely able to take off after feasting on the allotments where I have my plot. I’m sure one of them follows me home. It walks with a rather old man’s limp looking like it landed without the full landing gear intact. It does n’t walk back with me, that would be weird.

Hope you are enjoying all these spreads from my books. You’ll be relieved to know that there are only the two books.

If you want any more there’s a surfeit of information on my website.

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