Spot that Monster.

The Monsters on the Plot

An allotment based tale of bugs and monsters on the plot to be read to young children. Fully illustrated throughout in full colour this small book is 28 pages including the cover. All proceeds will be going to Longfield a charity that looks after people at the other end of life to the target audience. Available in their shops for £5-00 and from here for £6-50 to cover postage and packing. Feel free to pay more knowing you'll be supporting a very worthy cause.


Don’t forget to go to the Longfield site to see what they do.Their shops are in Cheltenham’s Bath Road and in King Street, Stroud. The books come packed in cd sleeves, so no need to risk thumbing through them and each shop has a poster illustrating the spreads, if you have n’t seen them here or here

If you want a signed copy, then please just get in touch, via the in touch page when you order, and feel free to add a quid to your donation for my joined up writing.

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