Who is this monster, is it you?

The final page, perhaps the punchline page is more to the point. The idea is to have read this to your children or grandchildren, and to persuade them that they should stay in bed at night.

I hope you enjoyed this book and my other one. If you would like a copy all the proceeds are going to Longfield. Read all about them here.

You can buy copies of these little tomes either in their shops in Cheltenham and Stroud, where I’m hoping you will part with at least a fiver per copy for them, or you can buy them from here, where the price is £6.50 as long as you can use PayPal. This is to cover postage and packing to you, and for me having to faff about! I’ll send the money for the books to Longfield.

There are only 100 copies of each book available, so they are something of a limited edition.

I hope you have enjoyed my lockdown project, and that you will help me raise funds for this worthy charity.

The Monsters on the Plot

An allotment based tale of bugs and monsters on the plot to be read to young children. Fully illustrated throughout in full colour this small book is 28 pages including the cover. All proceeds will be going to Longfield a charity that looks after people at the other end of life to the target audience. Available in their shops for £5-00 and from here for £6-50 to cover postage and packing. Feel free to pay more knowing you'll be supporting a very worthy cause.


Thanks for dropping into my blog and sticking with the two stories to the end. If you have bought a book, then thank you very much indeed. I undertook the project as a way to entertain my grandchildren and both books are dedicated Sidney, Wilfred, Elliot and my brother’s grandson: Laurie. We missed seeing them over the lockdown and hope we will soon be able to see them all again soon.

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