By way of a change…

I’m in Derbyshire and this is a typical Derbyshire dry stone wall. Unusually it’s been very dry here and across the U.K. in the last few weeks. We didn’t get a green and pleasant land by having blue skies and sunshine. We are having a bit of a break before the weather starts to change and winter is upon us, and walls like these return to their normally damp state.

A big thanks to all those lovely people who donated to Longfield in exchange for one or both of my recently published books for children. So far I have sold over 60 books for them, so that’s 300 quid donated to them, for the valuable work they do. To find out more take a look at my website. The books are also available in the Longfield shops in the Bath Road in Cheltenham, and in their shop in King Street, Stroud.

I intend to bang on about the books for the foreseeable future until they all get sold! That may take a while, although there are only 100 of each in existence, so if you have one, you have a limited first edition. This is what they look like.

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