What did you do in the shutdown Grandad?

I had no excuse. Prevarication is my middle name, actually it’s Edward, but that’s another story I’ll get around to boring you with in due course. To make me feel useful I did a series of drawings about social distance. Then I made some little videos of them. Dual purpose videos, first of all I hope they get the message across about keeping one’s distance. We British are supposed to be stand offish, we it turns out we are not stand offish enough. Second is to bring a modicum of cheer to anyone who’s watching and to illustrate exactly how I draw. For the technically minded there’s nothing technical, just a sheet of layout paper placed on top of the first rough until I get to the final item. Drawing with a Pentel sign pen, my “go to” medium of choice. I’ve used nothing much else to draw with for many years. The added bit’s of half tone in the final are done with a chinagraph pencil. If I were to be a bit arty about it I’d say it gives a fine quality of line.

Here’s one of the videos:

This is the final from the video.

I also wrote a couple of books for my grandchildren, two in Los Angeles and the other one up North in Sheffield. We miss them all. The books are intended to support a local charity, who you can read about right here. They are available in the Longfield shops in Cheltenham and Stroud. All proceeds go to Longfield. I only had 100 of each book printed and they are selling quite well, so don’t leave it too late to buy one and feel better about yourself for giving to such a worthy cause.

To find out more about the books just click here.

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