Cows sleep standing up.

This is the title of one of my most popular blogs, very strange. So jumping on the bandwagon and latching on to it’s popularity here are a couple of drawings from a short film I did a couple of years ago to accompany a song called ” Do you want us to win the war?”

Can’t remember the particular lyrics but I suppose it must be about a loyal bovine, so here are the drawings. What will they make of this in Afghanistan? Someone from there dropped into the site just the other day. If it was you: “Hello”.

2 thoughts on “Cows sleep standing up.

  1. A woman went into a butcher’s shop for half a pound of meat,
    The butcher carved her off a slice, it wasn’t very sweet
    She sniffed at it and said, oh dear is that the best you’ve got?
    It smells too high for me to buy. The butcher shouted “What!!!”
    Do you want us to lose the war? Do you want us to lose the war?
    It’s not very tasty, I’ll freely admit.
    But you’ve got to have it and put up with it.
    You can’t stop the old cow from doing it’s bit.
    Do you want us to lose the war?

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