Donkeys and Sharpness

This is the first of hopefully a few little videos, this one done about a week ago down at the area of the Severn here in the UK, where the river meets the start of the sea and where the canal that takes ships from the river up to Gloucester Docks begins. The Docks here at Sharpness are still used but very few freight ships go up the canal to Gloucester, the waterway being used more these days for pleasure craft. It makes for a good walk and has a great mix of industrial and countryside. I particularly like the cranes that used to unload ships on the docks: that’s the image at the start of our little movie ( fine photo taken on the day by Robin )

This area is also a good place for bird spotters, being en route to Slimbridge area. We were treated to a couple of swans landing on the canal like huge flying boats.

It was a blustery fine day when we did the recording but Robin soldiered on like the trouper he is, so apologies for the wind noise on this. We hope you enjoy this, we certainly did.

Photo by Robin Burton, he did all the singing too!

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