Tiny Men

Not many more of these drawings now. One thing that did strike me all those years ago when I had a holiday job, was just how small a jockey can be. I’m not a giant but I towered over these guys, and it was only guys in those days. We did not see a lot of them as race days were not that often, if I saw two or three race days whilst I was there over the summer that was about it.

I personally steered well clear of any horses. The pedigrees that arrived just before race day were generally a highly strung bunch and not surprisingly as they were well fed and looked after like the athletes they were. Some of them were huge and towered above the little men expected to steer them over the jumps.

From the rear jockeys looked a little like a fourteen your old boys, but sometimes when they turned round they just looked like underfed men. On a race day these underfed men would be surrounded by overfed women and men. Strange world.

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