Jump jockey

This incorporates a couple of themes from recent posts about racing. I can’t claim to have witnessing a jockey leaving his horse at a fence like this, but I do know that at Haydock Park, where I worked in my college holidays on the ground staff, that there was always an ambulance ready for such an eventuality. To say it is a dangerous sport is something of an understatement. Very small men clinging on to a beast with much more muscle than Tyson Fury, who have been kicking them and come armed with a whip, can just be a little too much for these sensible beasts. They can stop on a sixpence ( that was the currency in the 70s when I was last at a racecourse) The result can only be imagined, and that’s what I’ve done here: imagined it.

Note the ‘Treader In’ by the side of the jump. Ready to leap into action and start the job of treading in all that turf that’s been disturbed by horse and jockey.

Happy Landings!

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