Cotswold Walk through Paradise

From June 2020 this shot of the sheep in the fields just below Paradise in Gloucestershire. There used to be a pub nearby called the Adam and Eve, sadly gone now. The building still stands but the pub has long since ceased to be. Looking at early photographs of this area what strikes you is the lack of trees. There are some but nowhere near as we have now. Anyone thinking of walking this area then I’d recommend the walk from Paradise just outside Painswick, down the valley to the Painswick stream that flows down to Stroud. Choose a fine day and when there has not been too much rain as it can be a bit muddy underfoot. You end up at Painswick and I believe you can from there walk along the stream again to Stroud.

Stroud is a lovely town to visit, asnd if you do go there, then be sure to call in at Sunshine Health Food shop in the Shambles. It really is the capital of bread! Every sort is available from the shop, from their own bakery. They also do some fine cakes, these are solid affairs and can affect the flight path of birds. In the unlikely event of cake being left on the bird table, birds will be unable to take off with any degree of confidence that they will remain airborne if they have partaken of the cake.

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