Fine art in a broken Yorkshire window.

An old foundry in Yorkshire in an area that used to sustain coal mines and heavy industry. I’m not sure what sort of employment there is in the area now but this sort of archeological remnant is now typical of the area. In the sunshine it has the quality off a fine painting to my eyes, with subtle colouring and a great feeling of contrast and light.

It does not have these qualities on a gloomy wet day. Perhaps they should light it with floodlights and call it public art.

Someone suggested that I have an exhibition of my work in a reconstructed large shed, which I’d really love to do, or somewhere like this perhaps. Sadly no one would be allowed to visit on health and safety grounds.

The nearby Elsecar Heritage Centre has loads of refurbished industrial buildings, this is outside that area but although it would really benefit from some attention, refurbishing it will take away from it what it had on the day it was pictured.

Elsecar Heritage Centre Chimney.

Spot the error here: in its prime this chimney would have been pouring forth smoke, soot and dirt. Now it sits on the background of clean air and Yorkshire folk visiting and calling them “t’ good old days”, which frankly they weren’t.

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