Dust on the Ferrari and expensive gravy.

Just parked in the street out here and looking like no one has driven or got into it for months sits this dusty car. Ferraris cost at least 150 grand and it seems odd to find one just parked in a street and with a layer of dust. Perhaps it’s cool to be dismissive about such a thing.

A trip to the supermarket with daughter gave me another insight into the place. Los Angeles is an expensive city to live in. Driving to the supermarket we pass under a bridge with a tiny tent, a table to eat on the outside and various buckets for everyday use. The homeless come here because of the weather and they have a huge problem with it. In a city of such wealth one would expect that they might have the means to try and deal with it. I’m told that the general attitude to the homeless is not what we would call enlightened, they are regarded as losers, and indeed they are in some ways. That’s really not what would expect from such a wealthy place.

Back at the supermarket, it was good to see not a single person unmasked. They make no bones about it here, you are not allowed in without being masked.

The place was an advertisement for a land of plenty. I suppose when lemons grow in the back yards in November and they have three seasons of growing, it’s not surprising to see such lush vegetables and greens, as well as fruits of all sorts.

I’m told that you can buy ready made gravy in some upmarket supermarkets for 35 dollars for a 6 oz tub. Enough money back home to feed a family of four a decent meal with gravy! It’s gravy gone mad. But then if you casually leave a 150 grand car to get dusty in the street 35 dollars for a drop of gravy might just seem like peanuts.

Iconic L A palms.

This place is hot, it seems to be permanently hot. At present it’s in the low 30s so you need to be in the shade. 30 degrees in November is a little unusual, even for here. There are plenty of trees in the very few small parks that are around, but these palms are all over the place. To stand in the shade of any of these you probably have to be half a mile away from it. Lovely trees though, that seem to need no attention.

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