Lemons in the garden

The blue sky and seemingly never ending sun suits the fruit in the garden here in L A. It’s supposed to be approaching winter but sun screen is still in constant use. So hot in fact that going out is best done at the start or end of the day.

My daughter tells me to not open windows as that will bring the heat in!.It seems counter intuitive to us Brits who value our fresh air even more when we are in hot climes. Double glazing and insulation over here is to keep you cool not to protect you from the cold outside.

It’s not considered normal to have temperatures in the 30s in November but then it’s not really considered normal here to speak of the weather as a basic conversation piece. Lovely day means that you are having a good one rather than the sun is shining as it seems to do that most of the time. I’m told they do have rain and I have witnessed this but it was back in the 70s when I came over here for a bit of a ‘business trip’ and an exhibition of my work in LA sounded just fine to me. It rained for the entire two winter weeks I was here, and the exhibition was in a suburb miles away from the cool areas. It was the equivalent of saying you have had an exhibition in London but that it actually was in Northolt, rather than in Piccadilly.

All those years ago I thought it must rain all the time in Winter. I’ve learned differently on this and other trips out here.

Slightly cooler today, cool enough for what they call a hike and we call a pleasant stroll. Good to get some walking in though.

Ended walking past some ginormous houses. I’m told that George Clooney lives near here but we did not bump into him. These places tend to have huge gates and some simply look like prisons for the rich to me. This one looked really lovely though, and you would not think there was a water shortage out here as the whole garden had sprinklers everywhere.

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