Spackling and more signs

Sounds like a verb, but to you and me in the UK it’s polyfilla. A bit of home decorating to try and pay my way for interfering in family life in California. There’s probably a village called Spackling in Somerset. It’s probably between two towns so a sort of filling.

More thoughts on signs too. Yesterday a day at the beach along a ten lane freeway and fish and chips by the beach at the Reel Inn. Food over here is of the very top quality and this place was no exception. Then the grandchildren played happily on the beach as pelicans flew North like a formation flying team. We came back the pretty way up Laurel Canyon and up Ventura Boulevard. I can’t type that name without the sound of the Tom Petty recording springing to mind. We passed a brilliant sign for a bowling alley but I did not get the picture. It was called Corbyn Bowl, so that’s what Jeremy’s doing these days I mused. It’s correct name is actually Corbin Bowl, but close enough for the joke.

I’m on the lookout for more of the older type signs to photograph and I prefer taking pictures of the back of the streets, rather then the fronts. Perhaps it’s because they have that slightly sinister look of a film sequence from a gangster movie.

This place is no longer open but is right next to the Reel
Cowgirl looking for beach treasure
Like this one

The Reel Inn, recommended.

It’s on the side of an 8 lane busy coast road, but surprisingly quiet inside and has some great fish. Big platefuls are normal here. You can walk to the beach from here thankfully by an underpass, which is a tad skanky but the reward on the other side of the highway is well worth it. It’s a popular place for surfers, but not many there on the day we went as the waves were small, so go when the weather is bad, if that ever happens.

No sign of rain yet…

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