Beef and gravy, L.A. style downtown

Perhaps downtown L.A. is the right expression. A trip there today to collect a framed print with son in law, gave an impression of what some other parts of this vast city are like. Our destination before the collection was a famous place to get a sandwich. It is famous for its meat sansdwiches and dip, dip being gravy in this case. It’s a sandwich that needs eating fairly quickly as gravy seepage will make it a tad soggy,and you can get one or more pots of gravy to go with it for extra sogginess, possibly suit someone with no teeth.

The place has been going for over a 100 years and that is some time for a young country. It was delicious and simple, eaten in a place that could have come straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Yellowing framed newspaper pieces on the walls and a model railway displayed on another. I could have spent hours there, people watching. There was a notice in there requesting people not to stay more than an hour and to follow Covid rules, which they all did. We can learn lessons from the Americans, and at present, number one is to accept masking up, and not to beef about it.

Note the staff all wearing masks and the customers did too whenever they left a table. Made everyone feel safe.
Beef , bread and gravy.
Brown wooden furniture to match the gravy and sawdust on the floor to catch any drippage I suppose.

It’s in the downtown area where poverty lives on the bridges. Tent homes and litter go together with a man cleaning his trainers, some odd priorities here.

Downtown, very down.

Tram transit station in Chinatown designed to look Chinese. Is that a good thing? Discuss. It did add some colour to the area.

Chinese pagoda style station

Plenty of good signs to picture and a walk past a Chinese butchers with live chickens for sale. They must like their chicken fresh here. We gave that a miss. Past a small market area with all sorts of stuff for sale in the trinket glowing light field, as well as rails of clothes. I was rather glad we were a little too early for our picture collection, it gave us the opportunity to mooch around.

Some iconic image stuff here, blue sky, yellow sign and wires everywhere.
Not a lot more iconic than these huge sign sites. I like them but wouldn’t want one near my garden.

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