Raw fish and rice

The plan was to give everyone a bit of a break from my incessant ramblings from California but raw fish and rice got in the way.

A night out at a Sushi restaurant just down the road. We went to this place some years ago on one of our other family visits and we looked forward to going again. Last time we took a taxi across the city to get to it. The driver said he used to drive Michael Jackson around, who were we not to believe him? This time as the family have moved house the place is just down the road. So no need for a celebrity driver. The place was a factor in their move here, and not surprisingly.

I don’t normally take pictures of the food that’s about to disappear, I’d like to think that this time was an exception so I did take a couple. The resulting images did not do them justice, so let’s just say I didn’t.

We sat in exactly the same place as our last visit some years ago. The food was just as good as it was back then and nothing much had changed apart from the necessity of wearing a mask on entry and leaving and displaying Covid vaccination proof and identity before entry. Made for a safe meal. Great night out.

The place is in an unprepossessing strip mall. Well worth the visit.
This is the production line, in full view of the diners.

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