Still Life with nuts.

Sitting next to a freeway this place is ideal for a trip out on a warm winter day, and most days are warm in winter here. Blue skies go everywhere with us and today no exception. No wonder film studios located themselves in this area. I’d imagine that rain ‘breaks’ were as infrequent as the rain. The light is just brilliant in every way.

Interesting that this museum of trains is next to what put them out of business, a freeway. Cars roar past these still trains. In the heyday of steam the Americans really know what to do with their trains. They must have been a joy to travel on.

There’s also no charge to go into this place which makes it even more attractive.

This old railcar was in a similar state when we visited years ago, they need funds to restore it. I’m sure it would not have lasted as long if it had been subject to British weather.
Possibly one of the biggest sheds I’ve photographed.
Tubes and valves, it would be lovely to have steam going through them again, but that’s kind of unlikely.
Toot toot!
Still life with nuts.

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