Expect the unexpected, is Trotter’s Trading in California?

A one person, three wheeler electric car spotted on Ventura Boulevard. Not your average car in downtown Los Angeles. Will it catch on? Who knows but this car would be dwarfed on any of the many freeways around here. I’m told that the best selling car in America is now the Tesla, and my son in law drives one. It tells you everything that is going on around you and the sound when reversing is a little like a milk float from space. I’m sure it’s a manufactured noise not a true one, to warn of reversing car. Slightly eerie in tone. The car itself looks quite normal, apart from the huge screen that looks like an in built TV but is actually telling the driver of everything.

That aside it’s unlikely that this and other recent additions like the solo Derek Trotter 3 wheeler is likely to put the Californian body builder below out of business, though they are unlikely to have a clue what goes on under the bonnet.

Wonder what this guy does?

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