Venice has canals, why am I surprised?

I’ve been to Venice Beach a couple of times before, many years ago I stayed with a fellow illustrator/ cartoonist and our agent ( yes , I had a spell being represented by an agent ) when we all went on a business trip to L.A. He hired an apartment for us all on Venice Beach. He was that type of guy who felt the need to be cool. He rented a Ford Thunderbird convertible for himself and Phil and I made do with a small Toyota Claris which was the sort of car that one’s Aunty Clarice might have driven. I’m not sure that the car was called a Claris, but it might have been.

The apartment was huge and overlooked Venice Beach.

It could well have been in this building.

I also visited Venice last time we came out here a couple of years ago. Loved the vibe of the place, a bit like Blackpool on speed. It never occurred to me that the place has canals, until my visit today.

There was a clue in the name.

So out we go on a flat grey day ( for California ) or what would be called “not bad for the time of year” day back home. My son in law drove me there and my intention was to take photos of interest, and suggested that we walk down the canals, where small for US standard houses overlook the canals. These places go for around £3.4 million at the very cheap end, and up from there. They have a fine outlook over the waterways but stand cheek by jowl with homeless people’s tents here and there on bridges. The homeless problem is even more marked in this area than anywhere else I’ve seen on this trip. Probably because it is a relatively compact area.

Not all the buildings are houses, this is a low rise apartment building. To rent a one bedroomed apartment on the canal costs in the region of 3k dollars per month, so not exactly cheap living.
Away from the beach and canals we came across a few of these “beach hut” style place which all had their original windows, lovely looking places. Hopefully preserved.
Tent tenant’s tents on the canal bridge.

On the main streets are numerous coffee shops and then on the beach side the more Blackpool styled eateries with every conceivable thing stuffed into a bread type product. Coffee and almond croissant was enough to fill my ribs for much of the rest of the day.

Anyone know what poke is?
A bit of out of season beach. Sea fog rose as we drove away and blue sky would have followed, but Californians would still have described it as wintery.

This is almost the end of our trip here. It’s been uniformly excellent. As the governor from around here used to say: “I’ll be back”but in this case “We’ll be back”

2 thoughts on “Venice has canals, why am I surprised?

  1. I always enjoy your posts, Paul, but I especially enjoy your missives from your visits to the US. Love your perspectives on my native country. (And you are so right: the homeless problem here is shameful. Shame on us.)

    1. That’s good to hear Melissa. It’s 2 years since we’ve been able to come back and see family, and we’ve had a brilliant time. Not a huge amount has changed though it does seem very expensive to live in California! The homeless situation appears to have got worse to my eyes, we have similar problems, but people do not camp on small pieces of ground and the poor seem to be very poor indeed. That aside we really look forward to coming back here, but expect to go on a diet when we return home soon. Best wishes.

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