Brick Factory: Crete

I’m not sure if this is an ex brick factory, but it might have been. It’s in Crete and the image was taken some time ago now. Perhaps I should have described it as a pottery factory and then could have used the old joke about a Cretian Urn, but I cannot remember it properly. So let’s leave it as a brick factory.

Like sheds, I like old industrial buildings too. Many have been taken down and some just fall down, it seems to me like this one was just gradually falling down but that they could not persuade Fred Dybnah to go for a working holiday in Crete, so the huge chimneys stay intact.

L S Lowry made a career out of painting industry. You’re supposed to like his work if you are from Lancashire, which I am, but I’m not that keen on his paintings myself. He might have liked this as a subject, but might have been put off a little by the blue sky, being used to that typical flat grey that was a speciality of Lancashire towns and his paintings.

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