A lot of up.

A recent walk in the Cam/Dursley area and a very good day for it with my good friend Richard. Starting at Cam Peak which from the small car park is an almost vertical climb to the top, or seemed like it. The usual comment on such challenges was “ Whose idea was this” spoken rather breathlessly.

I’d like to say it was downhill all the way after that but there was considerably more up on the walk. Worth it for the views. We were advised that it was a two and a half hour stretch, but it took us in excess of three, including tea break and a sandwich lunch in a field. Below is a view of that short intermission. Peaceful is the word for it.

It was after this that we had more up, and got only slightly lost, despite a map and an app. We soon got back on course.

Both of us were new to the area and it’s recommended for great views over the Severn and some interesting hills. I took the sound off the video, it was only me rustling my sandwich.

And then a lot of wet.

Having given myself a little time to recover from the Cam ‘ups’, a more familiar walk with friend Mike over near the Severn just out of Gloucester. Starting and ending at the Red Lion on the banks of the Severn at Wainlodes. Lovely spot, good beer.

It was pouring down as we considered options before setting off. Kitted out myself in lightweight raincoat and what I call my nipple rain trousers , they are so fullsome the waist comes up to my nipples and I resemble a badly dressed Fred Scuttle ( this a reference to the late Benny Hill character, look it up on google, it’s there! )

Another good walk, and it dried up enough for us to partake of some stunning cake from Mike’s wife culinary hands: banana and thyme. We had it with a warming thermos of tea. Lovely.

This stunning clump of trees is on the way back, a recent drawing of it does not do it justice.

Elderberries in the damp…
Very fine cake, I remember it well.

I’m working on making my blog and website one thing, so soon the pauldaviescartoons.co.uk site will be retired and the images from there put over to here. It may take a while, but should you venture to some other pages here, you may well see just a work in progress.

Should you care? Perhaps not

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