Scottish Beach, wittering and images.

I believe that this was taken in 2016 so quite a while ago.It’s going to feature in the photographs section of my website which is in the process of being built right here. You may see some faffing about on this site and some new pages for you to peruse, featuring photographs, landscape drawings, cartoons, and cartoon projects. I might even add a few videos here and there. So the whole rebuild is a ‘work in progress’ and like my landscapes it may well never be completely finished. It could take some weeks before I have it properly organised.

I hope you all like the new look and that you’ll keep dropping by to see me and my stuff. The old website dedicated more to my cartoon work is going to be retired, seems nuts to have two websites so that’s the one that goes. My blogs and wittering on here seem to get much more attention than the cartoon website so it seemed logical to combine. I hope you like my new combinations!

If you are looking for uncrowded beaches then Scotland is the place to be, but the wind of the sea can cut like a knife! There’s a reason why they are uncrowded.

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