Getting away from getting away…

Approaching the Ranch
Remnant of the fires from Summer
Most of these fire blackened trees are regenerating very quickly
We walked that ridge in the far distance, I’m still recovering.This small lake was down on the ranch where we stayed.
Original covered wagon and coach. It seems inconceivable that people took this form of transport to get all the way over this continent. Tough work for tough people. The wagons used mostly to carry stores, they walked most of the way beside them, not knowing really what was ahead.

We are now in an area North of LA which could best be described as cowboy country. Staying on a ranch which a has loads of goats, sheep, ducks, birds, horses and a camel called Albert.

So we’ve got away from it all when we’d already got away from it all in LA. ‘It all’ is perhaps everyday life, or a change is scene, so we are changing scene and scenery yet again. This area is dry and stunning, a victim of fires but where we are was not itself affected, just surrounded by them. It’s a flat area of land in the bottom of the valley and is at 3500 feet. Air is pure, and the actual building we are staying in is called the cowboy house. Tall bed, the tallest I’ve seen or slept in is so high off the ground a fall from bed might break a limb.

No mains services come here in any form, it all runs on solar power and generators, water from a deep spring. The guy who owns it wanted to make the area a baseball camp for kids, but has had trouble getting the authorities to allow him. We hope he manages to get there in the end. He has been the most accommodating host to us. And when it gets dark, it is dark. No light pollution up here.

A long hike, longer than expected due to our own self inflicted navigational errors,outside the camp today and we saw some super scenery, and the only sound was the birds. No traffic noise, a rarity in California, and in the UK of course.

Another original carriage on the ranch
What must it have felt like for this settlers coming over the hills and seeing

the Californian Pacific coast for the very first time. We got a feel for it on our walk as we got to the top of the ridge, all we had to do was get back to the ranch. Quite a trudge and we had to call on our son in law to help out on the last lap. He drove out in the modern covered wagon, to scrape us off the path, well me really as I’d taken the opportunity to examine the ground below me at close quarters. No harm done except to my pride.
Burnt trees and regenerating green areas.

2 thoughts on “Getting away from getting away…

  1. Really like your latest posting, Paul. What an environment! Knockout shots. What a view of the Pacific. Don’t walk too far!

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