Industrial Fruitcake

I’m a big fan. There are some cakes that benefit from the introduction of industry to their production and to my mind fruitcake is one of them. It’s the sort of thing that one ponders at this time of year. The weight and substance of a decent industrially made fruit cake must be dense enough to make the feet warm and keep a draught from creeping under the door, in this sort of weather.

When I left college I did for a while deliver slabs of this stuff to various bakeries in the North West from a very large factory in Oldham. Always entering these small independent bakeries by the back door so that my truck could not be easily detected by the punters. Even these independent souls had seen the value of getting their home made fruitcake from a factory.

The downside of the stuff is that it sticks like super glue to any carpet. The positive side is the it is generally delicious. Making one yourself in these days of high energy prices is probably just not an option.

Go out and get yourself some, you’ll be glad you did.

Incidentally you might notice the odd change around here. I have recently ‘retired’ my other website, which was and enquiries to that will now land on this site. I’m slowly working out what to put where here. I’d welcome some feedback.

I hope all you good people out there had a lovely Christmas and let’s have a great New Year, with lots of fruitcake.

Sir Leonard Stanley KFC ( Bart ) JP
The Original Inventor of Industrial Fruitcake

2 thoughts on “Industrial Fruitcake

  1. Hi Paul, I totally agree with you, that industrial brick cake is perfect this time of year, and I tend to “feed” it a little rum or brandy, which enhances the flavour and stickiness even more. It’s great for the waistline though, holds you steady on gusty windy winter’s days! Have a great New Year, John B

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  2. Glad you agree John! I recall both our mothers made very fine fruitcake, but I suspect that both would not be disappointed with today’s industrial offerings. I like the idea of the added liquid ingredient. All the very best to all for next year.

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