I’ve joined a band…

This does not involve music or sound, it’s a band of people who have a liking for what is termed CI. That’s corrugated iron. The Corrugated Iron Appreciation Society on Facebook to be exact. I’m not alone, there are thousands of us out there. We post pictures of ‘finds’ and over the years I’ve found loads.

What qualities does the CI have to make it so attractive? It rusts beautifully for a start. In fact that may be the end as well. It’s usually but not exclusively in the country side. I love it so much I make drawings of it. The older and rustier the better.

It appears from recent postings that Ireland has a fine collection of CI. Sadly somew of the photos from there are taken in the rain, it looks at its best in bright sunshine. My own benchmark for the photos to get a ‘like’ is good lighting and composition. Images where it has been repurposed are just not for me, some people make fancy new reception areas using the old stuff. No, No, No.

Fences can be good as surrounding green helps, or an animal in the background lends an air of added interest.

I recently found another group that took my fancy too. The Gate Appreciation Society. I’m not sure wether I’ll go in there or not. I’ll keep an open mind.

This is my best contribution so far, taken on Christmas Day 2009. It’s an old warehouse type place on the Gloucester Docks here in the UK. Since 2009 it has been redeveloped with a sort of copy, nowhere near as good as this, and no weeds on the roof. I suspect it is fancy apartments.

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