From years ago…

I’ve moved house a few times since doing this drawing, and the kids are grown up, or so they claim to be. I did this for a lady in the States who convinced me that it was a good idea. The company, her company, wanted to make some of my drawings into usable signs, which meant they would make the files ‘traceable’ by sign making equipment of the time. This is probably the reason the guy is driving on the left.

I used to post off the drawings to her in California, and then wait and see if I got any royalties, that was the deal. I got some, but not very many. I think the most I ever got was 60 dollars, I might have done better as a taxi driver.

Very sadly my client, who I never spoke to & just emailed, died suddenly and quite young. The work kind of fizzled out and I was left with a lot of simple line drawings like this one. They had the ‘rights’ for 20 years. This all happened over 20 years ago, so they are all mine now.

Such is the life in the glamorous world of illustration.

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