Recommended reading for the next year…


Apart from the above you might consider the following blogs that I found really fun to read, and as you speak the next lines you should assume the voice style of “Smashy and Nicey” ( UK readers will understand, the rest assume a second-rate Radio DJ style )

Smashy and Nicey


Coming in at Number 5 its Phil Taylor with his American take on stuff, he mentions names in his blog that we over here have never heard of, but it does n’t seem to matter. He’s a funny guy, but then you’d need a sense of humour over there…

Phil Taylor

Squeezing in at Number 4 is Julie writing as Mawil! Who would have thought that I’d find women running of the slightest interest, now that sound a little weird so we’ll skip on through. I find it strangely entertaining.

Woman Running Blog

Here at Number 3 is an Irish bloke writing about loads of things, his family being one of them. It’s a really good read. Look out for it


I’m ashamed to confess that coming into the Number 2 spot, it’s Becoming Betty. Here’s someone who reports and reviews American food, mainly it seems from somewhere called Trader Joe in California. I wrote a blog saying I thought that their food must be the root cause of their problems, if this is what they eat! It’s a fascinating journey through ingredients and sugar. I can’t resist it.

Betty’s Blog, though she’s not called Betty

No doubt about my top of the blogs blog-pickers. It has to be The Immortal Jukebox written by Tom Hickey. I look forward to every one of these blogs and find that after I’ve left it I always, not only feel better, I’m better educated! And I go looking for the music he posts. It really is by far and away one of the best out there. Number 1!

You must go there

Number One Hit

I wonder who’ll be my top of the blogs next year.


There are several others not far behind these, and my tastes change from month to month, even from week to week. Others not mentioned but well worth a visit are Dave What, fresh from the UK City of Culture Dave What

Spellchecker is so insistent here that what has only one t! He has two.

And then there’s A Northeast Ohio Garden

Some great pictures on here and what’s not to like about gardening?

And then there’s Max Gor, the London photographer chap

I just love his pictures of people, not all of the time, but most of the time. He has a real skill and I suspect he must have a charming nature, and nerves of steel to ask if he can take the pictures of the people he features. Well worth following.


7 thoughts on “Recommended reading for the next year…

  1. What an honour to be mentioned here Paul. Can’t wait to read the ones I haven’t read. I could not agree more about your number one. Thom’s effortlessly erudite and infectious championing of all sorts of great songs and singers has long been essential reading for me. Cheers Paul and I can only commend your good taste!😀

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