Review of 2017, this could be a yawn.

Single images from each month that I blogged last year, for the full story from each then you’ll have to delve. Lovely word that: delve. If you have been reading my stuff then thanks for dropping by , if you have n’t then I’ll wish you as Happy and Peaceful New Year as the regulars in the hope that a bit of crawling might persuade you to come back.

January 2017 and the rhubarb is sprouting…
It’s a bit slower this year, but then last year was very mild, weatherwise.


February 2017. Can’t remember what the post was about now,
but it really needs no extra words.


February: Spetses in Greece where my chum Ros lives and draws, paints, and prints. Worth looking at her website if you have a minute. Lovely lino-cut prints and paintings with great feeling for light. Blessed by the brilliance of the Greek sunshine,
like my photo.

Rosalind Forster


March 2017
What I draw with. This post went down very well at the time, there’s a lot of interest in how artists get the stuff on paper.there’s a lot of interest in how artists get the stuff on paper.


April 2017
One of the final drawings for my Exhibition that was to happen in August. The theme was drawn from the work of “Pont” a well-known cartoonist in his day, and his days were the late 1930s when he did a series on the British Character. His version of this had more bears and the ice was not melting.Bearwith

May 2017
Another in the series for the exhibition.
Quite a few of these are available from my other website as prints.
Feel free to pop over there and order enough to make me wealthy beyond reason.
My other place where you can buy prints

Pont watercoloursmallweb

June 2017
Walking in the Isle of Skye.
When it gets the sun on it, it really is spectacular.


July 2017
One of the posters for the Exhibition.

My chum Robin helped me with pre-exhibition publicity and helped get me
on to local radio. It was great fun and was a great help.
Some people even listened to me droning on about it!
Big thanks to them, and my chums Grant and Steve for their help in hanging the pictures.

Cartoons on the radio?

Exhibition A4sheddism


August 2017
Not many exhibitors get their shows with added live music, I did!
These are the Gloucester Diamonds, and diamond geezers they are.
As you can see from this they don’t have the very biggest audience
but they pressed on regardless, true professionals.

Take a look at their website right here Diamonds website


This video doesn’t exist



September 2017
After the Exhibition it was good to get back to my plot, and look what I found.
I’m hoping for more of these next year.



October 2017
Another hairbrained scheme. Struck by old posters of haircuts I decided that I’d start a project on them, and this is just one of them.
I put them together for a big poster with all of them featured on it.

I even put them up on Red Bubble, so that you can buy the images there on almost anything, except this one. This one was ‘taken down’ by Red Bubble as they had someone object to it, I suspect the management company that look after someone called Jimmy.



November 2017
Posted a lot of haircuts in the last few months and like with a lot of my projects I expect to go off in a slightly different direction very soon.

This one from November went down well as I recall.
Take a diversion there by clicking on the link below.

Red Bubble Haircuts


December 2017

This is the final poster of all the haircuts so far. This too is available as a print if you just nip over to my other site.

It’s filed under Hairbrained, naturally.

A2Hairposter V32sf

January 2018

Watch out for this coming up soon, just one of the drawings for the little book
by my chum Gordon Thorburn.

Nicky Tams, the King of Nosepipe
Started publishing them on Christmas Day and they will be appearing here
every week until the end of the book…

Wordsmith Thorburn

Then on to something different, or perhaps more of the same, who knows?
If you’ve managed the journey all the way down this page then a big thank you and a Happy New Year.


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